shani dham
शनि शत्रु नही मित्र है

Why and how is God Shani worshipped.

    1. After a pure bath, men should go to the deity’s foundation dressed in a wet cloth.

    Women cannot go to the foundation.

    If Shani is coming into your ‘rasi’

    If you are afflicted by Sade Saathi.

    If there is ‘adayya’ in your ‘rasi.’

    If you are suffering from the gaze of God Shani.

    If you are working in anything such as connected to iron, travel, trucks, transport, oil, petroleum, medical, press and courts.

    If you do any good work.

    If in your occupation is related to commerce and there is loss in business and worry thereof.

    If you are suffering from incurable diseases like cancers, AIDS, kidney, leprosy, paralysis, heart ailments, diabetes, skin ailments and are fed up, then you should most certainly worship God Shani with ‘ahishek’.

    One must remove the cap or head gear and then pray God.

    In the houses of devotees where there has been a birth or death recently, they do not go to the deity.

Items needed for the pooja

What are the items needed for the pooja of God Shani.
  • Rice, black 'til' and black string.
  • Flowers and leaves, especially black flowers.
  • Incense sticks.
  • Lamps.
  • Mustard oil.
  • Sweets offerings.
  • Summer fruits.
  • The leaves of 'rui' tree.
  • Camphor.
  • God Shani's photo or 'yanta' Packets made from oil.
  • Black 'urud.'
  • Clove.
  • Elaichi.
  • Pan and supari.
  • Ganga water or holy water.
  • Coconut, horse-shoe of iron .
  • ( Any two or four of these above items.)

The arti for God Shani

  • Om Jai Jai Shri Shani Maharaj, Swami Jai Shani Maharaj |
  • Krupa karo hum din raj par, Dukh hariyo prabhu aaj || Om…… ||1||
  • Suraj ke tum balak hokar, jag main bade balwan |
  • Sab devo main tumhara, pratham maan hai aaj || Om…… ||2||
  • Vikramraj ko hua ghamend, apane shrethan ka |
  • Chaknaachur kiya buddhi ko, hila diya sartaj || Om…… ||3||
  • Prabhu Ram aur Pandavji ko, bhej diya banwas |
  • Krupa hoi jab tumhari, swami bachai unki laaj || Om……. ||4||
  • Surya sa raja Harichandra ka, bech diya parivar |
  • Pas hue jab sat pariksha main, dekar dhan aur raaj || Om…….||5||
  • Makhanchor ho Krishna kanhaai, gaiyyan ke rakhwar |
  • Kalank madhe ko dhoya, dhare hai roop virat || Om…….. ||6||
  • Main hoon din adnyani, bhul bhai hamse |
  • Kshma shanty do narayan, pranam lo maharaj || Om……. ||7||
  • Om Jai Jai Shri Shani Maharaj, Swami Jai Shani Maharaj ||
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